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Pizza Hut and Smash Into Pieces current in a new ´´move campaign´´

Late summer is here, and that means moving time for many students across Sweden. To make the move even more exciting and fun, Pizza Hut and the band Smash Into Pieces have teamed up to offer a unique digital and physical treasure hunt in collaboration with Stagecast.

During the move, time can be scarce, and cooking becomes a challenge. This is where the "moving pizza" comes into play - treating your friends and family to pizza as a way to thank them for their help with the move. To make the move even more enjoyable, Pizza Hut, in collaboration with the band Smash Into Pieces and Stagecast, has created a digital and physical treasure hunt that will start on September 1st.

The leader and drummer "Apoc" from the band Smash Into Pieces has hidden physical moving boxes around Uppsala, the ultimate student city. Clues to find the boxes will be posted on social media and in the Stagecast app. The moving boxes will contain everything from cozy blankets and candles to towels, Pizza Hut gift cards, concert tickets, and exclusive VIP experiences with the band Smash Into Pieces. All to make the move even more fun and cozy as autumn begins to creep in.

"In Uppsala city, where secrets hide, in moving boxes concealed, surprises await you. With excitement and anticipation, search with a wide smile, for in these boxes are treasures you have yet to see," says Apoc, the drummer in Smash Into Pieces.

This moving pizza campaign continues the previous successful campaigns that Pizza Hut has conducted with Stagecast. By integrating these various campaigns using the smartphone-based Stagecast platform, Pizza Hut has been able to engage and reach a broad audience. This summer, Pizza Hut was present at Sweden Rock and Rix FM Festivalen, offering participants the opportunity to savor the flavors of summer through various contests and promotions.

"In a world where it's increasingly important to measure results to compete with digital channels, Pizza Hut has used Stagecast this summer to connect the campaigns. Initially, this was an experiment for us, a new way to test combining different types of activations in different channels – where we continuously saw the positive engagement it contributed to. So, for the 'Moving Pizza Campaign,' it was natural to take this a step further and offer a treasure hunt. This is also part of our overall digital strategy to be a game-changer in the industry and always dare to try new ways to approach our customers and create positive associations with our great brand. We look forward to developing the digital gaming platform together with Stagecast," says Johanna Dannqvist, Digital Marketing Manager at Pizza Hut Sweden.

So, for all the students in Uppsala - look forward to the move and remember that there's an exciting and fun treasure hunt waiting for you! Keep an eye out for clues on social media and in the Stagecast app, and get ready for a moving pizza experience beyond the ordinary.

For more information, contact:

Johanna Dannqvist Digital Marketing Manager, Pizza Hut Sweden 070-1234567

About Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is one of the world's leading restaurant chains with over 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. In Sweden, there are fifty restaurants across the country where you can enjoy classic American pizza and other flavorful dishes.

Visit for more information.

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